Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here it is, Maria!

    Okay, so you're going to have to give me ideas and critique what I have already done. I think I did every thing over about four times before I got to this point. Anyway... I will tell you a little bit about today.
    Jacob went to the church tonight to play basketball so me and my little beaus thought we would get Chinese for dinner. I wanted it last night for my birthday, but since I was going to play volleyball last night I didn't want to eat anything before going. Anyway, after we got the Chinese we went by Dairy Queen to get us each a mini blizzard. As much as I love their ice cream, I still always hate going there. They are always SLOW and rarely do the job right. To get to the point, while we were waiting in line, I was on the phone with Jacob and we were talking about his eye doctor appointment. Micah heard us talking, of course, and when I got off the phone with my husband, he said in his sweetly toned voice, "Mommy, I wear contacts in my eyes." I replied, "You do? You put them in every morning?" His answer was "Yes!" Maria, I'm sure you can just hear his little voice. I love the way My Micah talks. Such a sweet boy; except for tonight when he was supposed to be going to sleep. Aurelia was in the next room having just fallen asleep and Micah thought it was a good idea to holler my name! When I went in there Judson told me that Micah woke Aurelia up when he called for me. So I sarcastically said to Micah, "You woke up your sister; are you happy now?" His naive comment was "Yes!" As angry as I was that he woke her up, I almost chuckled a little. No matter how many bad moments come about, it's always wonderful how the good times out weigh them by far!
    My beaus miss your princesses. :) All they have to play with now is each other and mean ole momma. It's always amazing how they still love me at the end of the day. Thank you , Lord!